Whats is halal

Whats is halal

Eating forbidden foods is considered a sin. Whoever, fearing sin, abstains from haram, will be rewarded by Allah.

Halal, of course, can include a large number of products, but there are nuances that determine whether a particular food belongs to a number of acceptable ones.

Muslims pay special attention to meat products. To use the product of animal flesh in food was considered acceptable - you should follow several rules:

• According to the first rule, the meat must belong to an acceptable animal. It is excluded to eat pig meat, the flesh of an animal that has died of natural causes(dead meat).

• The second law concerns the method of killing an animal. According to the holy book of the Koran, you can take the life of an animal only with a sharp blade, cutting an artery with a sharp movement. During the act, it is important to mention the name of Allah ( thus demonstrating that this sacrifice is slaughtered with the name of Allah). The Qur'an treats animals with due respect. When performing slaughter, the animal is caused a minimum of pain and suffering.

* The third and especially important rule is to get rid of the carcass of the animal from the blood by hanging. Meat that still has blood left in it cannot be considered halal. Its use in food is not allowed.

So what is the benefit of halal? The use of halal products is an undeniable benefit for a person, if only because they are all guaranteed to be of high quality and natural. Thanks to strict controls, halal products are always the standard of freshness and purity. The quality of production is beyond doubt, because in Russia and the world there are a large number of organizations that carry out checks at every stage of production. It is for this reason that, regardless of a person's religious preferences, the choice of halal products seems quite competent and reasonable.